Natural Sweeteners For Your Sweet Tooth

Posted on October 14, 2012 by Amy Krasner

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you find it hard to stay away from sugar? Well, you are not alone. As humans, we are naturally inclined to be attracted to sweet flavors. The problem is that we are consuming low-quality, highly-processed sweeteners rather than quality whole ingredients that provide nutritional benefits.

Sugar is hidden in many different packaged-food products using different alias names such as:

Sucrose, Glucose, Fructose, Sorbitol, Mannitol, Corn Syrup, High fructose corn syrup, Saccharin, Aspartame, Sucraloe, Aceulfame potassium, Neotame

Agave is another controversial sweetener that is made out to seem like it is healthy. When an ingredient is overly controversial, I choose to use an alternative ingredient.

It is not necessary to deprive yourself from sweets and desserts all together. If you do so, you are setting yourself up for stong-cravings and failure. The point is to choose high-quality sweeteners as opposed to poor quality products. You are SO much more worth it than to slump down to low-quality sweeteners. One parallel example that I have heard is “choosing low quality standard sweeteners is like lowering your standards for your intimate relationships. It may be easy and feel good at the time but later on you are bound to regret it.” 

Rather than buying food products that have harmful sweeteners in them, you can buy the unsweetened version and add your own natural sweetener.

Natural sweeteners

  • Coconut Palm Sugar
  • Raw Honey
  • Maple Syrup (grade B)
  • Blackstrap Molasses
  • Fresh or Dried Dates
  • Fresh or Dried Figs
  • Berries and other fresh fruits

Set your standards high. Start living with more energy and less mood swings.