How To Build A Balanced Breakfast

Posted on August 30, 2016

If you are looking to improve your energy, reduce your sugar cravings, prevent night-time eating, or lose weight, breakfast is an area that you will want to start paying more attention to.  We have been told for years that breakfast…

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Miso Glazed Sweet Potato Frittata

Posted on October 16, 2014

This past weekend I had the pleasure of partnering with two San Diego food babes for a wellness event. The Three Green Girls (myself, Torie, and Taylor) put on an event at Green Acre Restaurant. The day started off with…

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Vegetable Frittata

Posted on July 25, 2014

Don’t have time to make eggs every morning? How about making this recipe on Sunday morning and saving your leftovers for the next few days? As always, we encourage you to eat a protein-based breakfast. Starting the day with some…

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Power Breakfast for Men- Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs and Avocado

Posted on November 8, 2013

This post is in honor of Movember– a month dedicated to Men’s Health! Most men eat a breakfast comprised of carbohydrates and coffee. This is something that has to change! If you are  a man reading this article and you…

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Toasty & Nutty Snack-Bars

Posted on March 8, 2013

Nutrition fact- Always include some protein and fats when eating carbohydrates! This method helps to regulate blood sugar and will keep you full for longer. Sweet, salty, nutty, tasty… Couldn’t be more delicious! These bars also happen to be gluten-free,…

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Winter Morning Quinoa Porridge

Posted on November 29, 2012

Since the mornings tend to be pretty rushed, I always try to pull together a quick and easily digestible meal. This nutrient-dense, low-inflammatory breakfast option can be made in a matter of minutes! Ingredients 3/4 cups coconut milk (or any…

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