Are you working against your metabolism?

Posted on February 7, 2017 by Amy Krasner

Instead of giving you another tip for “boosting your metabolism,” I would like to give you the tools to understand how your metabolism actually works. 

While everyone has different unique needs when it comes to nutrition, most humans are wired in a similar way when it comes to fat-burning. What I mean by this is that we have specific times during the day when our metabolism is working faster and other times when it is working slower. By creating an “eating rhythm” around your metabolism, you will be setting yourself up for success for weight loss and blood sugar balance, while also increasing energy levels.  

Here is how your metabolism works…..

Think about your metabolic rhythm like the rhythm of the sun-

  • Your metabolism actually starts to rise in the morning when you wake up; you want to give your metabolism fuel to help it continue to speed up by eating breakfast in the morning.
  • At lunch time when the sun is at it’s peak position, your metabolism is at it’s highest- this is between 12-1pm, not the typical busy person 2-3pm lunch break. Instead of skipping lunch or just having a “light bite,” you will want to have a good solid meal at this point in the day.
  • By the evening time your metabolism is starting to slow down- this is not your ideal time to consume your largest meal of the day.

By starting your day with a balanced breakfast and eating a bigger lunch, you will help to prevent night time eating or cravings later on in the day. An afternoon snack is usually another helpful tool to help keep your meals smaller in the evening.

Hopefully by now you are starting to see that nutrition is not only about “what we eat,” but it’s also about our food timing throughout the day.

Got any questions for me? Please send me an e-mail or comment below. I’d love to hear from you and support you in getting back in rhythm with your eating!