“Before working with Amy I struggled with my relationship with food. I would be able to stay on track with my diet for about a week but then I would cave into the cravings and end up eating everything that I was restricting in the first place. Through working with Amy, I was able to completely change my relationship with food and my body. Now even when there are cupcakes, cookies, or ice cream at work and social events I no longer feel tempted. I check in with myself to see if I actually feel like eating the food and I ask myself how hungry I am. If I feel like eating the food, I allow myself to eat it and I enjoy every bite. In the past I used to feel guilty every time I ate ‘bad’ foods which led to me eating more foods that weren’t healthy for me. Working with Amy has helped me change the food choices I make. It has also helped me to develop a self-care routine and have more respect for my body. I’ve been cooking much more in my own kitchen, using fresh ingredients, and have really brought out my creative side in cooking.” – Julia L.

Before working with Amy I just knew something was off in my health. For the last 7 years or so I have been working on my health but slacked off in the last year. I was working out, taking supplements, eating super clean and still my weight would not budge. So I tried all kinds of things like working out more, eating cleaner, cutting out alcohol and nothing shifted. I am so glad that I reached out to Amy to recheck my hormone panels and my food sensitivities panel. Things definitely shifted after knowing exactly what was going on in my health. Even though I was good with the exercise and the supplements (for the most part) I was eating a few things that were causing inflammation and therefore kept the weight on. Once I cut those few things out for 30 days with Amy’s support I was able to see some radical shifts in my weight. Thank you Amy for your support, guidance and for the delicious recipes that you tailor made just for my specific diet. – Nicole L.

“I sought Amy’s help for issues regarding digestion, extremely low energy, etc. She was able to establish a plan straight away (i.e. food sensitivity tests, lab work, meal plans, etc.) It has only been a few months and I have experienced a drastic improvement in my health. I had previously been running around to different doctors, food allergists, etc. and none of them could come up with an answer or offer me concrete suggestions for improvement. Amy, however, was able to do that in just a short time. She is incredibly competent and compassionate; I felt that she heard and validated all of my concerns, and put together concrete goals to improve my lifestyle. Absolutely recommend!” – Morgan G.

“Before we started working with Amy, both of us were feeling the effects of carrying around the extra weight, from digestive issues, little to no energy, and even having problems moving around. We’ve tried other “diets” and I always felt deprived. We were sure that this time, we wanted to adopt a healthy lifestyle for our family permanently. Through the 3-month Nourished Balance couples program we learned that eating healthy can taste good. We have both lost weight, we have more energy, better complexion, and feel confident with our food choices without feeling restricted.” – Melinda and Josh

“Amy looked through all my blood-work and specifically catered a nutrition plan to nourish my body. After seeing how much progress I’ve made in just the last couple months, I am sooo motivated to keep eating foods that heal my body! Amy is very easy to talk to and will work within your situation.” — Joy P.

“I have been struggling with weight problems for the past 10 years, gaining 5-7 pounds a year, and have been on and off diets and exercise without a routine. I have also been concerned about overall health, skin, and other health problems. Amy has helped me see for myself how my daily routine was affecting the way I was feeling, including the way I was dealing with stress and my eating habits. She helped me understand how the digestive system works, how your thoughts affect your emotional state, and the nutritional function of certain foods. I realized by working closely with Amy that nutrition has a purpose – and that your health is also connected to your emotional state of being and understanding nutrition allows you to find balance in order for you to be healthy. I have more energy, I’m less moody, and have seen great results physically. After completing my 3-month program, I have lost weight and don’t feel bloated anymore – I have also seen a change in my blood tests results that are continuing to improve.” – Elizabeth E.

“Food and I have never been friends for as long as I can remember. I only ate certain things every day to keep digestive issues at a minimum. My 3-months with Amy reminded me that food can be a good experience! She gave me many suggestions of different foods to try. Along with these suggestions she gave me easy to cook (I do not like to cook!) recipes that were delicious. She suggested supplements that not only helped my digestion but helped other health issues that we identified together. Amy is quite knowledgeable and very professional. Her communications during our time together were spot on. I highly recommend Amy to anyone with digestive issues who wants to enjoy food again!” – Sherry G.

“Amy is not only a professional in her field, but a absolute genuine person. She helped my girlfriend and I really discover what our body needed in order to operate at peak performance. She was always available when I had questions, and showed us ways to make healthy eating choices when eating in less then desirable environments.. and absolute must for those on the go!” – Jeb D.

“She is sweet and very knowledgeable. She gave me a personalized diet that I am following, and explained to me that I was starving myself! What?? I eat more now than I used to AND I am loosing weight! I am not hungry or thinking about food all day!!! She is teaching me to understand the different group of aliments and how to balance them. This is not a “diet” it’s lifestyle. She gave me recipes, meal plan ideas and a lot of explanations” — Ana G.

I struggled with horrific “allergies” for over 6 years. I was constantly congested, sneezing and had a runny nose. My joints were always hurting and I was constantly tired. I spent thousands of dollars and saw numerous doctors trying to figure out what I was allergic to and what could help me feel better. I was told I had chronic sinusitis and they put me on meds that never worked. I’m Amy’s hairstylist and was filling her in on what was going on with me and she suggested I see her and ordered an ALCAT test. Turns out I had a high sensitivity to gluten and a few other things. Something no Doctor has ever informed me of. I gave up gluten and followed Amy’s dietary plan and within 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference, by 6 weeks I was a different person. That was 6 months ago and I haven’t suffered from any of the awful symptoms I had before. Tissues were a staple item on my grocery list in the past, and now I still have the same box I had 6 months ago in my house. The inflammation in my body has decreased significantly and I have more energy than ever. I know there was a reason I met Amy and Im so grateful I did. – Nicole G.